Peter Roebuck was born in Manchester in 1940, and studied at the High School of Art and the Regional College of Art. At first he painted mainly images from fantasy and the imagination: then followed a period of work exploring geometric abstraction and spectrum colours. But in his mature work he returned to figurative subject-matter and traditional techniques, using them to heightened and often numinous effect.

This is what Peter himself wrote about his inspiration:

'The realisation that the underlying principles in traditional and modern art are the same led to a renewed interest in figurative art. This interest has been developed in a realist form, drawing inspiration from the western art tradition, from both the old masters and twentieth century painters.

'Inspiration comes from a variety of subject matter - seascapes, still life, the figure, flower painting and portraits - but the predominant subject is landscape, particularly that of Cornwall, Suffolk, North Wales, the Cotswolds, the Lake District, and above all the North West.'

Peter died in November 2012. He was still painting in the Summer, and left a number of works unframed at his death. We are keeping this site going as a tribute to him, and have plans for an exhibition of his work during 2013.

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