A Tribute to Peter from the Order of Service for his funeral at the Manchester Centre for Buddhist Meditation, 6 December 2012.

Peter was a well-known and much-loved member of both the Buddhist and the artistic communities of Manchester. He was also something of a pioneer in both; not only did he explore a unique and radiant vision of landscape and colour in his paintings, but he was an early explorer of Buddhist practice at a time when it was rare in Manchester, working with Samatha as well as the Buddhist Society of Manchester at Sale and perhaps other groups. Though he later preferred a more solitary, less group-oriented path, he made important contributions to Samatha, not least through his art. Both the cover of Abhidhamma Studies and the large painting in the shrine hall at the Manchester Centre were his work, though many people did not know this. Peter met his wife-to-be, Valerie, at The Samatha Centre. They married in December 1982 and enjoyed nearly thirty years of marriage together.

His life was one of discipline, purpose and integrity, following his creative path with exemplary humour and dedication, despite frequent difficulties. Always one to speak his mind, he was a laconic but eloquent conversationalist, who would deliver his thoughtful and considered verdicts in few words and with a delightful smile which nonetheless tolerated no nonsense.

Many people treasure examples of his work which display a radiant vision, full of harmony and light, which might surprise those who saw only the outer aspect of this modest, inconspicuous and quietly-spoken man. He sustained his year-long final illness with his invariable courage and good humour. One of a generation that established a distinctive phase of art and of Buddhist practice in Manchester, he leaves us, as always, a pioneer, taking a peaceful departure on his chosen path.

Grevel Lindop

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